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Top Ten | Before & After 2022

This year has particularly been a mixture of exciting highs and heartbreaking lows. When I look back at some of these session, I can't believe they happened less than a year ago. It's been pretty full on for us - a move to South Wales within 6 weeks is just one of the many events! I accepted a huge challenge for my photography when deciding to move. Which initially overwhelmed me with stress from the thought of basically starting again, however, I turned it around and focused on the opportunity of being able to explore new locations and improve my skill. I've positioned myself now where I'm not putting pressure on trying to find new clients but instead to remind myself why I chose this path in the first place. As long as I'm able to keep hold of this motivation, I hope for some exciting sessions ahead for 2023! <3

For now though, the annual before & after post with some of my sessions from 2022.





Hamish and Archie


Princess Po Po




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