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Kittens in the Studio

This year so far has been all about the felines! Noah is settling in great and is getting on superbly with Oliver although I won't be getting him into the studio just yet. For now I'd like to share some images from a shoot that actually happened in June! This was one of the few personal rather than client photoshoots that I did last year, that because I was so busy with dog models, I never had time to edit them! I knew I'd be taking a break from shooting and doing more planning in the new year after the Christmas rush, so I saved them to share with you now. ​ This photoshoot has a little story attached to it. This young boy, about 8/9 weeks old in this photo is one of four. He has two b

This is Noah

I love the beginning of a new year. I love getting myself organised and excited about making plans for the year ahead. I write down all my goals, projects I want to work on and think about the direction I want to take. How can I improve and become a better photographer? Well, I'll tell you now, that's all been pushed aside! This photo isn't of who you may think it is... this stunning boy is Noah. Noah is in fact our special boy Logan's dad. Can see where he got his good looks from right?? ​ Last week we brought Noah into our home and introduced him to the rest of the family. That's right, Noah is now part of our pack! What's even more special, after looking at Noah and Oliver's pedig

Happy New Year! 2018!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty jam packed but I finally feel like everything is back to normal and ready to kick start 2018! Firstly though I'd like to say thank you to everyone for the support and also to all the people and pets I've worked with this last year for making it so memorable. I've photographed the most dogs I've ever photographed, including new breeds I hadn't done before. Not only did I win my first photography award but won two awards! Have been published in more magazines, I've been able to support a charity I love and finally, another successful year for Christmas Mini Sessions. ​ There are many more things I want to achieve this year. I've al

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