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Kittens in the Studio

This year so far has been all about the felines! Noah is settling in great and is getting on superbly with Oliver although I won't be getting him into the studio just yet. For now I'd like to share some images from a shoot that actually happened in June! This was one of the few personal rather than client photoshoots that I did last year, that because I was so busy with dog models, I never had time to edit them! I knew I'd be taking a break from shooting and doing more planning in the new year after the Christmas rush, so I saved them to share with you now. This photoshoot has a little story attached to it. This young boy, about 8/9 weeks old in this photo is one of four. He has two brothers and a sister. My partner and I found him when he was just the tiniest ball of fluff cowering in the back garden, frightened for his life. A black and white female had made herself at home recently and we would see her lounging around most days. We had suspected she was pregnant, it was soon made definite when she'd suddenly slimmed down one day. Tragically the stray mother was run over but, thankfully a week later we found her roughly six week old kittens. The kittens were cared for and brought up with lots of fuss and food. Before they went to their new forever homes, I got them in the studio. One black and white kitten has actually become a family member and is very close friends with our Bengal Oliver. I plan to get him in the studio again soon and create a then and now post!

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