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Olive, Lily, Peppa & Otso

How adorable is this bunch? I wanted to take them all home but Olive the Pomeranian's smiling face completely melted my heart! This session was held at one of my most recently discovered locations, there is so much variety in this little wood. It was a beautiful evening and all four pups were fantastic. They loved exploing the woods and were lots of fun! Here are a few of my favourites from the session!

Misty and Beauty

I'm so excited to finally get round to sharing these images with you guys! I met Misty and Beauty, two stunning blue merle collies, last month for a lavender photoshoot. As you can see, they did such a wonderful job too!Last year when I visited the lavender field for the fist time, it was a little bit late in the year and they had started to wilt! However, I was very happy with the results, I had great models and a little help from photoshop! The lavender smelled wonderful as I came into the farm and the colours were gorgeous. Misty and Beauty were very expressive and very adorable. They were so good in front of the camera. I hope you enjoy their images as much as I do!

Summer Garden Session

I decided to use our whole garden for this years summer mini sessions... and I soon wondered why I hadn't before! We live right on the canal just outside of town. At the back of the house we have a large space with some lovely trees. During the end of spring/begginning of summer we also have some beautiful flowers. I've been so happy with the results, it's been the perfect setting. The mini session have been very popular and we've been so lucky the weather has been good for it throughout. My sessions are always held in the afternoon when it's a bit cooler. We've had a very hot summer so I made sure there were always plenty of water bowls about and I also only work in the shade of the trees.

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