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What is a couples contract?

It is a non-legally binding tool for all types of relationships and partnerships to use to gain clarity, set expectations, and get on the same page. It can be fun, serious, or anything in between, but most importantly it helps start the conversations that are meaningful to you and your partner.

How does it work?

There are 16 topical sections to choose from, depending on what elements are most important to you. Once you choose your sections, you'll be taken to your personalized interactive online form- easy to complete and auto-saves in case you need a few sessions. We recommend making it a fun date night activity!

How much does it cost?

It's just $20. You can access as many of the 16 sections as you'd like for that price, and you can come back later if you aren't ready to start or finish it quite yet.

Will you see my answers?

We do not store any of your answers on our site or servers, and the PDF of your answers is autogenerated and sent upon completion. We will also never ask for your full names- you can even make up code names if you'd like! We are extremely committed to your privacy, as we know your relationship is personal.

Is it legally binding?

It is not legally binding- this is meant to serve as a tool for your relationship.

This is supposed to be fun not something to hold over each others’ heads.

What do we do with the contract after we complete it?

Use it! We send you a completed PDF copy of your answers once you finish- revisit it over time. Relationships and people change - so should your contract. We also recommend using it as a tool during disagreements or times of frustration - if you wrote something down and agreed upon it, use that to figure out why that isn’t being honored. Or, on a less serious note, just use it to keep each other accountable for doing fun things like date nights and intimate evenings.

Can I see it before I buy it?

Yes! Here is a photo example of one of our favorite sections. Remember this is all interactive on a digital platform where you can pick and chose your sections and revisit to change your answers if you need!