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This is Noah

I love the beginning of a new year. I love getting myself organised and excited about making plans for the year ahead. I write down all my goals, projects I want to work on and think about the direction I want to take. How can I improve and become a better photographer? Well, I'll tell you now, that's all been pushed aside! This photo isn't of who you may think it is... this stunning boy is Noah. Noah is in fact our special boy Logan's dad. Can see where he got his good looks from right?? Last week we brought Noah into our home and introduced him to the rest of the family. That's right, Noah is now part of our pack! What's even more special, after looking at Noah and Oliver's pedigrees... Noah is actually Oliver's great Uncle! How crazy is that! That means our beloved Logan and Oliver are related! Thankfully after just a week, Oliver and Noah have already started to get along. Oliver even licked Noah's ear a couple times yesterday morning! It will take a few more weeks at least before everyone is settled and Noah is used to his new surroundings. I've been making sure I spend loads of time with them. Now that I know the boys are going to be fine together, I thought I'd take a quick snap of Noah and share our latest news.

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