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I can't believe this is my first post since the spring! It's all gone a bit crazy since then hasn't it? However, I do have lots of good news to share. I want to talk about the positives from the year rather than any negatives. Some opportunities wouldn't have happened in fact if it weren't for Covid-19, such as this one. The newest issue of Digital Photographer came out at the beginning of the month and I'm pleased to say - I'm in it! I also have a little feature on the front cover! There is a little story on how this came about and a message that goes with it - Embarrassing moment #42196764 - I was approached by the people who put on The Photography Show about being on a panel for their virtual show this year. I was on the fence about accepting since I've never done anything like it and it's not particularly my cup of tea BUT I pushed myself and went for it because that's ultimately that's how you progress. Long story short - It didn't go that well...I'm mentioning it now because you can no longer watch the video haha! How did this lead to getting 4 spreads in Digital Photographer? Well, the lovely Lauren from Digital Photographer is an editor for the magazine and she was on the panel too. Despite the little blunder, she got in touch after and asked if I'd be interested in their new feature 'Shoot like a Pro'. Of course I jumped at this opportunity - much more up my street! I arranged a session with cute models and Lauren came down to photograph behind the scenes. So although I thought I should have gone with my gut and turned down the original opportunity, this one would never have happened. Here's a peek of a couple spreads!


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