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Another one of my babies taken away from me far too soon.

A couple weeks ago we lost our silky ball of fire. I miss him more and more each day, I'd do anything to receive one of his welcoming headbutts right now.

Noah had a heart murmur and heartbreakingly, we think his little heart took a sudden turn for the worst.

The vet doesn't believe that he was in any pain and everything happened so fast.

At only 7 years old, I thought we still had years of your daily cuteness.

Noah was even more beautiful on the inside than he was on the outside, so gentle and loving. Everything he did was just adorable, he was honestly a dream. Every time I'd hear someone say they didn't like cats or just was't a cat person, I know for a fact that if they had met Noah, he would have changed their mind.

He was impossible not to love.

I'm so, so very grateful for Noah's original owners for responding to one of my very first pet photography model calls back in 2015. Little did I know that "the most beautiful cat I've ever seen" was going to become a huge part of our family and give us so much joy these last few years. He fitted in so well that it's actually hard to remember a time where we had Oliver but not Noah,

it feels like it's always been the two of them.

Noah, 2015

A lot of people have commented on his unimpressed face, and I get it but, that just wasn't him! He'd be the first to greet you at the door and demand all the belly pats. You could literally look in his direction and he'd purr. He'd still purr even though he'd had enough and was politely trying to get away from your cuddles. One of his vets described him so perfectly, a gentleman. That was Noah.

Yes, I made a video with a few of my favourite moments that I'm thankful to have captured. There are some memories I'm just going to have to playback in my head but here is a little something that

pretty much sums Noah up. Of course this is for me but, it's too cute not to share.

You may need to turn the volume up for his little chirps. Noah didn't meow much and it was always so random when he did. It was almost impossible to record so, I had to put one of them in there. He had such a vocabulary too, you never knew what noise he was going to make! Some of which I'm just going to have to make sure are stored in my head because I was never able to capture them.

We are missing our ball of fire like crazy and I know Oliver is missing his best friend.

We love you so, so much Nodge. I'd like to think that you have been reunited with your boy, Logan, and have all the pens and Dreamies you could ever want <3


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