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Summer 2019 all in one!

I've been terrible this year with blogs, I normally aim for one a month at least! It's been pretty busy around here which is always a good thing but, I was also away a lot in June - making the most of the sunshine! I had a great time but it meant I got a bit behind on editing especially as I was still shooting in between my time off. So I decided the best thing to do now that it's cooled off a bit, would be to show you the highlights from the past few months. I've had quite a few firsts this year to say the least! They've all been great though and a pleasure to do. I even FINALLY got to shoot in poppies! Thank you again to all my clients and wonderful doggy models!

We started off the summer with

Lily & Gracie featuring their Friends Gala and Bramley joined in too.

Noodle's agility session, what a fun session!

Bala on her owner's wedding day!

Travis in the poppy fields, so beautiful.

Storm and her NINE adorable puppies!!

Young Blaze and Flynt, a stunning sunset session!

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