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Boo's Session

I'm excited to show you Boo's session that we had a couple weeks ago, not only because I do love these photos of her, but because it's also from my new location! (Oh, and with my new camera too 😁) None of my locations have any lakes or streams for water loving dogs and I've wanted to shoot with water for a very long time. This location is literally 10 minutes away from us and I completely forgot about it! 🙈 I visited Drew's Pond for the first time a few years ago before we actually moved to Wiltshire. This winter I visited again to scope it out and remind myself what it was like. I've been dying to shoot there ever since!

Boo was so fun to work with, she was full of energy and posed for me beautifully! We had such a perfect day for her session too. I've been missing that warm glow over the winter! Here are a few of my favourites.

I love the motion in this image above. Just look the those cute little ears! This was definitely a 'proud stick find' moment!

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