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Birthday Shoot!

It was my birthday a week ago and I did what I love to do the most! This happy boy is Flynn and he was the last model to be in front of my camera for 2018! Edd and I traveled to Gloucester to visit some family for my birthday, this was the first time meeting my cousin's rescue dog. Now, it wouldn't be right not bringing my camera along! We wandered the Gloucester Docks for some portraits and Flynn was, of course, a superstar!

My brother was also visiting from Dubai, he broght his camera along too (Yes we are indeed a family full of photographers!) I had a go with his wide angle lens and although it's not the style I usually go for, I did really like the results for a few shots. We stopped off at the cathedral before it got too dark and I got a shot of Flynn in front of it. Maybe a wide angle needs to be aprat of my collection?!

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