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Christmas Mini's 2018


Last week I posted the final prints and products from the Christmas mini's! When I began booking the mini sessions in October, I still had some work to finish for the projects that I began as well as, I had a couple of on location photoshoots booked. It meant that I couldn't offer as many spaces this year and soon I had to stop advertising the sessions once the spaces were booked.

I went for a red and white theme and named it 'Candy Cane Christmas'. The background was a very rich and deep colour that I've never worked with before. Safe to say, the images are very vibrant!

As much as the Christmas mini's are a lot of fun and gets me in the Christmas spirit, I'm sad to say that this may be my last year! I get so busy with them that a lot of things get pushed aside or I don't have time for other projects. I'm not confirming that I wont do any festive shoots at all next year but, they will likely be done differently and with limited spaces. Although I do have a small studio set up, I don't particulary specialise in the area. I did much more of it in the past but now the only studio style images I do are the Christmas sessions and of my own pets. My passion for studio is nowhere near on the same level as the passion I have for on location shoots, especially when it comes to photogrphing dogs.

As always I had some fabulous models, who usually surprise their owner sometimes. I'm currently busy preparing for the New Year so I just have time to show you my favourite image of each dog! I haven't actually even finished editing the rest of the Christmas images of my boys, Oliver and Noah's for myself yet and they were the first ones I photographed! I started the season in advance and well prepared but more work has been building up ever since!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Bobby and Dennis

Frank and Stanley


Jammy and Estha

My boys, Oliver and Noah

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