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Sweet, old Jenny

We visited sweet, old Jenny at her house for her session. Jenny is a 12 year old wirehaired Dachshund. She was rescued by her owner, Rosie, only a few months ago but they've already formed a special bond. Jenny couldn't keep her eyes off of Rosie through out the whole session! Edd had his work cut out but together we managed to attain her gaze, even if it was just for a second! Jenny also followed Rosie wherever she went and wouldn't leave her side. If I zoomed out of every photo, you'd see Rosie's legs in every one!

We've been really lucky with the weather this year, I've not had to rescedule one session! Jenny's session was almost too sunny but we worked in the shade from the trees. Even though we were only shooting in Rosie's garden, we still got a lot of variety with Jenny's images. Autumn was coming to an end but there was still plenty of colour to work with.

Here are a few favourites.

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