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Ferris Cat Wheel - Commercial Photoshoot

In October I worked on a couple of different projects. Ferris Cat Wheel is an international company that sell stable and sturdy exercise wheels for cats. We decided to buy a wheel for our boys last October and we were very excited when it arrived in January. I noticed that Ferris Cat Wheel didn't have images of their product apart from sharing images that their customers had sent to them. I had also taken some snaps of the boys using my camera which they loved. Although phone cameras are getting better and better, catching fast moving subjects still isn't easy, as well as all the other creative aspects. I decided to approach the owner of the small but growing business and proposed a photoshoot for their product.

The most challenging part of the job, which you've probably guessed, were the models! The fact that they were my own cats however, meant that it was probably more manageable than it might have been with cats that didn't know me. The other factor was that it took place in my own home. The cats weren't only comfortable with me, but in their environment. Knowing the cats behaviours also played a big part in planning the shoots. My cats are active and use the wheel most in the mornings and in the evenings. As I needed the daylight, the only time I could shoot was in the morning.

Oliver, our snow Bengal, is the main wheel user but even he needed encouraging every now and again since he was all excited. The wheel was placed in different places around the house and he can actually be more difficult when treats are involved! Noah was still more challenging though. As soon as my partner Edd, who assisted me, moved his treat filled hand, Noah would instantly step off the wheel! I only need one moment to capture Noah on the wheel which happily, we finally achieved.

I really hope to do more work like this in the new year. I love being creative and working on more challenging projects, helping to expand my knowledge and skills.

Here are a few of my favourites.

The available track pad colours.

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