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Welcome to the new site!

At the beginning of the year I made a start on making a new website and I'm so happy to finally have it up and running! So I didn't just re-design my website, I decided to sign up to a new website host. I was never really 100% happy with my old website and I felt restricted with what the website offered. I've also had great fun painting and designing my pattern and selecting my branding colours. I have had a few problems with saving changes, especially on the mobile view so I do apologise if there are couple things not quite right! I'm not sure why it's happening, it could be my internet.

I then had to decide what to do with my blog. My first website I've had for a few years, so you can imagine how many posts I had. Since I've never been a good writer and I've never felt confident showing my blog posts anyway, I've decided to only select blog pots that have featured important events to me and I may not post about every photoshoot from now on! I do find it tricky to talk in depth about each one and make sure I post them without weeks and weeks going by!

I hope everyone enjoys the new look though. I will always be making tweaks and changes of course but I'm happy to have finally made the swap.

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