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Little Ladybirds

A couple weeks ago I opened my bedroom window and all of a sudden I saw about 8 little ladybirds, one by one they started to scurry in. I have mentioned this a couple times but when I first started getting interested in photography (10 years ago now!) I loved macro. I would spend hours photographing bugs and flowers - ladybirds where one of my favourite subjects.

I had quite a lot to do that day, I still had some shoots to edit (sorry guys!) But I was also feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I had to do. So I decided to take a couple hours out for myself and remind myself why I love photography. I grabbed my macro and placed on of the ladybirds on my recently sprayed succulent. I took a photo that I'd never got before, the ladybird started grooming his face, I think he'd walked into one of the water drops! I edited three favourite images though, I'd like to edit a couple more. Perhaps I'll have time again after the Christmas Mini Sessions! This also reminded me of the importance of remembering to take time out for yourself once in a while, it's amazing how much better you feel afterwards.

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