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New Forest

I've wanted to visit the New Forest since I watched a documentary about the forest a year ago. So I got planning pretty quickly when I booked myself some time off this summer. We stayed at a stunning Hotel, the Burley Manor. Everyone else was at least 30 years older than us, we got a few strange looks! When I was looking for places to stay, I just fell in love with the manor as soon as I saw it. I was also determined to book us a garden suite, a room in the building on the right of the main hotel where you have your own little balcony and chairs with steps into the garden, looking over at the deer in the field opposite....bliss! I was a bit worried about the weather, I was scared it was going to pour down the whole time. The day we arrived however was just perfect! As soon as we drove into the New Forest district, New Forest ponies were EVERYWHERE (I was pretty ecstatic but this point already) ​The weather did deteriorate around late afternoon on the second day. It carried on throughout all of the third day. We had done a lot already so it was a good rest day. On the last day the sun came out and we stopped at a couple locations before we left. Over the few days we went on a few walks and visited the Deer Sanctuary, Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre and the beach, Milford on Sea. We got the fly the drone a few times including 800 meters out to sea where we got some incredible shots. That's not even close to how far it can go but risky with the wind! I am in the middle of putting all the footage together, I did a lot of video on my 5D too...think I actually took better videos than images! I would definitely stay at Burley Manor again and recommend it if anyone wants a luxury trip to the New Forest, that's the way to do it!

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