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Hug Pet Food - Commercial Work

I was very lucky to be commissioned for two commercial shoots this year, especially with all the lockdowns and restrictions. The projects were big and kept me busy for most of the year. I've loved working on them and it's been great doing something different.

I was recommended to Hug Pet Food back in March. The business is a new raw pet food company who were looking for bright and vibrant images for their website, socials and marketing. As well as head shots with many, many adorable furies, we also worked on food product shots. As you will notice, this is very different to my usual outdoor and natural style! But I thourouly enjoyed working in the studio creating colourful and cute pet portraits. We photographed over 30 pets! Of course, my boys Oliver and Noah are amongst them too!

Here is a little bit about them! - The only raw pet food you can cook. It’s cookable because it’s bone free and made from natural, human-grade ingredients. It’s vet approved and led by science. Raw, cooked, or cold pressed, each one of their recipes is complete, wheat free, maize free, and meets the same high standards of quality and ethical responsibility.

Here are some of my favourites!


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