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Cookie, Crumpet & Sponge

I had the privilege of photographing the sweet trio, Cookie, Crumpet and Sponge the Ragdolls. I'm so, so pleased that their owners decided to book a session even though they originally had concerns, just like many other cat owners, until they saw my page about photographing cats on my website. I grew up photographing cats and as proud cat owner myself, I actually find them easier to photograph than dogs in many ways! I'm a cat person as a whole and I'm very comfortable around them - and cats know it. Not knowing what to expect from the cats, the owners believed Crumpet might be one of the hardest to photograph. As you can see here, he was a natural and he even ended up with the most images! If you have cats yourself and are in any doubt, I hope I can reassure you that you have nothing to worry about!




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