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Ragdolls, Lily and Leo

We met handsome boy, Leo and the stunning, Lily last weekend. For anyone who doesn't know, they are Ragdolls. Which happens to be one of my favourite cat breeds! I don't get many cat owners enquiring about a photoshoot so I was really pleased to hear from Poppy's sister who wanted to buy Poppy a session as a Christmas gift. I've been looking forward to their session ever since I heard from Poppy telling me more about her cats. The impression I get from most cat owners is that it wouldn't be possibe to get any picture perfect images of their cats. However, as a cat owner myself, photographing cats feels very natural and I can tell you now, it is very possible! I've had cats that are shy and want to hide but there is never any rush. If your cats need time getting used to me then that's what I'll do. I won't leave a session without knowing I got what I needed. Poppy also wanted to have a few images of her with the cats too. As soon as I saw her orange wall I knew what I wanted to do and I love the results!

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