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Summer Mini Session 2017

Summer mini sessions were a new thing for us this year although it nearly didn't happen! The sessions took place in August but my original plan was to hold them at the beginning of the summer. By the time I finally came up with my set plan, photographed sample shots and advertise, it was already coming towards the end of the summer. The weather had started to turn too but luckily all was good on my session days! My theme was 'The Secret Garden'. I wanted summer colours and an enchanted, magical feel to the final images.

Despite the rush of preparing everything, I'm pleased with the turn out and how they all went. I feel like I achieved my look and all my clients loved their photos (so they tell me!) Next year I think I'll start my planning in the spring! I will change the theme each year so these are 'limited edition' sessions. Don't worry if you missed out though, I won't let these props go to waste! Similar sessions will be available. ​

Yes you see right! That is a chicken! A few days after this photo was taken I posted it on my Facebook page as something very sad happened : Yesterday I had a little thought of showing you a quick SOOC image of Mary here from a little shoot on Sunday. Out of 10 dogs I had in the garden with me, how many could I get to sit on the chair? Mary. The chicken. (Okay Boo let me take a few shots but she didn't look particularly happy about it). ​Unfortunately yesterday evening she passed away and I found her in our garden, so now I feel like I have to share this image of her! Mary was an old rescue battery hen. One of three of the last chickens left after a fox got into the run, then two died about a year or so ago. So she's been the only chicken for a while now. She was then let loose into the garden during the day with the dogs and she's extremely friendly. I could go on about Mary's antics but basically even this chicken made a huge impact on the family and even though she was old, it was still a bit of a shock. I'm just glad I got this pretty picture for the family.

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