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"My dog would never sit still for a photo!"

My guess is you have said this before! You want to book a session with me and achieve beautiful images of your gorgeous pet.... but you are sure that your dog will play up, refusing to obey any orders and cause absolute chaos...

Well, I have news for you - most dogs do exactly that! This very fact can lead to some of the most amazing and natural photos. I love to take photos of dogs doing what they do best, enjoying life. I honestly can't express  enough how there is no need to worry about the level of training your dog or dogs have.

I'm used to dealing with all characters of dogs, including rescue dogs with no training and limited social skills. Having developed ways to handle different situations, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve 
to make you get the perfect results you only ever dreamed of! 

Here are a few before and after examples.



Bruno didn't like to be far from anyone so mum had to stay close! For this shot, as soon as mum even took a step back Bruno wanted to follow. No problem here, however! After taking the background from another image and carefully blending it in, Bruno looks like a majestic, independent superhero! Although it might not always be possible, most images can be fixed with the help from photoshop.


I use a similar method when compositing multiple pets together. I am always willing to get the shot in camera first but we all know that sometimes getting your pets to sit next to each other, looking in the same direction even sounds exhausting! No need to panic here, we'll just photograph the dogs separately.

Need a little more reassurance? Have a read of my blog post on

"My dog would never sit still for a photo!" where I expand more on how I capture your pets!

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