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"My cat would never pose for a photo"

​(unless it wanted to)

My guess is you've said this before! Cats love to show off and be photographed - on their own terms. Gaining your cat's trust is very important and I will spend the time needed to do so. You as the owner, food, and attention giver in their life, they will respond and feel more comfortable with your presence.


You will be a big part of keeping them calm and retaining their focus. Most cats (not being as exuberant as dogs) are happy to pose in a stately manner but also love to show off their agility. Leading to a stunning variety of action poses. No matter what the personality of your cat, it's character can be caught through images. I am used to dealing with all kinds of cats, I have also photographed rescue cats that have been unfamiliar to their surroundings. Having developed ways to handle different situations, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make you get the perfect results you only ever dreamed of! 

I grew up photographing cats and as proud cat owner myself, I actually find them easier to photograph than dogs in many ways! I'm a cat person as a whole and I'm very comfortable around them - and cats know it. 


Whether they want to take a little nap, lounge in the sun or play with their favourite toys,

I will capture their spirit and charm! Even the seemingly impossible can be possible - with a little help from photoshop a group photo of your cats can come true! If there is something that worries you about having a photography session, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can work around the issue together.

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Need a little more reassurance? Have a read of my blog post on

"My cat would never pose for a photo!" where I expand more on how I capture your cats!

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