Photography Workshops with Alex

Based in Wiltshire, Seend

 I took an interest in photography when I was 15 years old and I have been practicing and studying it ever since! 11 years down the line I am now a multi award-winning Pet Photographer. However, through my photography years, I have completed projects in many areas of photography. My first love was nature and macro, I have a lot of experience in studio and portraiture, I have photographed a number of weddings, completed my own documentary series and of course my main profession of pet photography which I chose to specialise in 5 years ago. 


As you can imagine, my favourite topic to talk about is photography. I love to talk about everything from camera gear to post-processing. This is why I have decided to offer workshops in my favourite fields. Over the years I have spoken to friends and family about my techniques which they have been able to use themselves. It makes me so happy when I can help guide others, improve their skills and provide tips for faster learning.

My day workshops don't only help you get a head start in the genre, you will also leave with some portfolio building images you can really be proud of. These workshops are one-on-one, tailor-made around you so we can work on your weaknesses and find your strengths. Be prepared to leave with those creative gears rolling and some new techniques you can try at home or where ever you may be. The workshops are held at my studio in Sells Green, Wiltshire SN12 6RT.

Available Workshops

Pet Photography

Love animals as much as I do?  If you don't know where to begin or you want to improve in animal or pet photography, this workshop will give you a heads start in developing your skills. The day will include two photo sessions with different animals and if you choose to, we can go through some of the main post-processing techniques in photoshop with a few of your images. You will get the chance to photograph a dog in a natural environment and stunning cats in an indoor setting. We won't just discuss techniques on how to take the perfect picture but we'll also go through some tips on how to manage these models and how to look after these pets during sessions.


Beginners and amateurs  |  For all ages  |  one-on-one


Nature and Macro

Nature and Macro was my introduction into the world of photography. It was my first passion and something I still love doing today. During this workshop, you will learn how to photograph plants and flowers like never before. We'll learn how to master natural light and create photos that contain a variety of moods and colours. Although I can not guarantee we'll find a wondering ladybird or a vibrant weevil to photograph, for one of your sessions we'll photograph a gecko to capture some natural detail. If you choose to, after your session we'll spend some time in photoshop enhancing the images to really bring them to life. 


Beginners and amateurs  |  For all ages  |  one-on-one



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Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held at my studio just outside of seend, SN12 6RT.

Do I need loads of camera gear?

Although it would be helpful if you had all your own gear, it's not nessisary and we'll use mine. On your booking form, it'll ask you to tell me what camera gear you do have. This will help me learn a bit more about your camera and how to use it to the best of your ability. I can also give you some guidence on what gear you might want to look into purchasing if you want to persue macro or animal photography.

How long do the workshops last?

The workshops will last an average of 5 hours.

Do I have to know all the settings on my camera?

Not at all. If you opt for the begginners level, I'll go through your camera settings and part of the workshop will be how to use your camera to the best of it's ability.

Do I have to have or know about editing software?

No, if you'd rather just focus on image taking, we'll focus on that. If you'd like to learn about photoshop, we can selected a few images and I'll go through some basic techniques.

What will we learn during the workshops?

During both workshops we'll discuss things like:
Camera gear Camera settings How to work with natural light How to manage, pose your subjects Compotiotion

And if you choose, we can:

Go through your portfolio and critique
Learn basic techniques on photoshop

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