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Cuddles, Cuteness & Chaos - Photographing Puppies!

I know I've mentioned it about 100 times now but, for anyone who might be new here - I only started booking in sessions again from late April because I've been busy working on some new products that I now offer as well as a few other changes behind the scenes. I was so excited to get back into full shooting mode again. I managed to get most of my work done before bluebell season - there was no way I was going to miss one of my favourite times of the year! After a successful 2018 of not having to reschedule a single session (Okay, there may have been one or two but I can't actually remember) This year however, wasn't off to a great start. I've had to reschedule nearly ALL of my sessions so far! Due to the weather, I only managed two Bluebell sessions this year and sadly had to change the location of three bluebell sessions.

My first official week back on the job was a little challenging - we'd missed the best part of the bluebells and when it wasn't dull or raining, it was full sun - not my favourite light situation. What could make this that little bit extra demanding? Puppies! A whole week of puppies! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE puppies and I enjoyed meeting every one but, as you can imagine, they aren't the easiest of subjects. Little to no training as they are still learning and finding their feet and they often loose interest quickly. However, the main reason why I wanted to write this post is because - that doesn't matter!

Puppies are fun, adorable and yes, difficult at times. Which I'm 100% sure you are fully aware of but don't forget - so am I! This doesn't just cover puppies though, it can be animals in general. As an owner of 5 pets of different species, I've had my work cut of for me with all of them. One thing that being an animal lover, owner and photographer has taught me - its patients.

I can't express enough that what ever their level of training, habits or personality is, it won't make it impossible to get great images of your pets and it shouldn't stop you from booking in a session. All that is needed is a little bit of extra work and time, which I'm happy and fully prepared to do to make sure we get you the best results. The majority of the time, dogs are kept on leads so that they are safe and easier to manage. Having a couple extra hands is usually a must and I will generally have an assistant with me. He's fully prepared to make all the noises and movements needed for when your puppy starts to loose interest! I also like to give your puppy play/rest breaks during the photoshoot so that we can try keep them interested for as long as possible. More techniques and tips are all available to read through in your Session Guide given to you when your enquire.

Not every single photography session with my pets goes to plan, it happens. It could be anything from the lighting to their mood. If a session doesn't work out first time round, there is always the opportunity to rebook your session which I will advise on.

Thank you to the three puppies I photographed last month for inspiring this post, Paddy the Border Terrier, Teddy the Cockapoo and Olive the Golden Retriever. They were all adorable in their own way and did a great job even though they had no clue what we were trying to do!

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