Circle B Bar Reserve - Our Florida Trip

I was so looking forward to March but, not originally for the trip. I planned to wrap up most of the work I've been doing, mainly from my new product range and session guides, so I could begin shooting again. The work feels like it's taking forever but I'll admit, I have changed my mind a few times and I'm always checking it over!

Another plan came into place quite quickly and of course, I began to look forward to it just as much. I was happy to start shifting my sessions into April instead. My dad has recently moved and settled in Florida from living in Dubai for many years. So now, most of my immediate family are there! My Auntie and Uncle moved out there when I was a kid, back when I too was living in Dubai. A few years after that, my grandparents moved over. The last time I visited the family was when I was 18! I was long overdue a visit for sure. I loved seeing everyone and it was especially nice for my partner to meet some of the family he hadn't met and to spend more time them too.

We heard about Circle B Bar Reserve from a few of dad's friends at his house warming party. It was only 10 minutes down the road and sounded absolutely wonderful! I gazed in amazement when I heard about all the wildlife we were almost certain to see, including the many, many alligators that could walk across the path at any moment. (One couple who visit the reserve often did tell us to bring a knife, I'm still not sure if they were joking or not!)

The very next day we checked out the reserve online and made our plan. We also watched a video on youtube from the reserve where a group of people witnessed an alligator eating a smaller alligator but that didn't deter us, oh no, I only got more excited! Poor alligator though, obviously..

At around 8:30 - 9am the next morning we were dropped off at the reserve before dad headed to work. We didn't see a single soul for the first half an hour or so. We wandered down Shady Oak Trail, keeping our eyes pealed. The first wildlife sighting we saw came very unexpectedly and gave us both a fright! We were heading towards Alligator Ally too which didn't help! Edd heard a rustle in the bush along the path where we were stood. A moment later, a rather large otter leaped in front of us, ran across the path and into the dense foliage on the other side! Yes, you can image how excited I was getting! No more than 10 minutes into our journey and we were already encountering the wildlife. Our second sighting were a pair of incredible Bald Eagles, flying between the trees. I didn't get a photo opportunity again but what a sight to see!

I only brought my old, old camera, my very first DSLR that I got when I was 16! So the images aren't the usual standard and I only did basic editing, but the experience was amazing!

Before we approached Alligator Ally, we spotted Wild Boar grazing. There were a few piglets too.

It didn't take more than a few minutes to see our first sighting when we reached the beginning of the alligator trail. Quite close to the bank in the water, there were a pair of eyes staring back at us. We stayed in the same spot for a while, watching him. Eventually, we looked up and saw many more alligator shaped silhouettes in the lake! The more we looked, the more we saw!