Top 10 | Before & After 2018

Some days I love nothing more than gearing up and adventuring out to a photoshoot and others, I look forward to cosying up with a cup of tea while I edit, bringing those images to life.

Around this time last year, I began sharing some before and after post processing of some of my favourite photos. At the beginning of last year, I also took the first couple months off. I was working on my current website as well as photographing a lot of charity dog shows. I only managed to show three before and after images before Spring arrived and I was busy with sessions again! This year I've decided to make a little blog post. Just as I said last year, I LOVE seeing before and afters from other photographers. They're interesting and inspiring.

Editing is when I really feel my most creative. The results showcase me and my style, so I believe it's really important to always be working on your techniques as it's such a fundamental part of the process. I was struggling with this for a really long time and although I'm always going to be developing my style, I feel as though I had a bit of a breakthrough last year. I feel as though I'm now heading in the right direction as I continue to grow.

I'd like to share some of mine for anyone who enjoys before and afters as I do. They also show the amount of work that can go into creating an image. I take a lot of care when it comes to working on my images, whether they are for me or my clients. Although some images require more work than others. Some days have perfect conditions for shoots and they don't always need a lot of work. However, sometimes the light isn't quite right or there is something that needs fixing such as composition or maybe something distracting in the background or foreground.

I generally keep my photos fairly natural, I enhance what is already there. Part of the process is being able to see the potential of that image and where you want to go with it. Occasionally if it works for an image, I can take it a little further. It's only when you see the before, you realise how much has been altered! For this post, I have chosen some images that particularly needed a bit more work.

I'd also like to add how surprised I am that there is only one slightly wonky image out of all the ones I've chosen! I very often shoot at an angle and often have to remind myself to make sure I leave some space to allow me to straighten up my images! I know there are a few of you out there!


This was from one of my very first sessions in 2018. The bluebells looked amazing but it was quite overcast and we were in more darkness because if the trees. Luckily it was possible to be brightened up!


I was so excited when it snowed in March! This was my first time shooting in snow. I loved this photo of Bruno but the composition wasn't right. I had to cerntre Bruno and add some more ground under his feet.