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One Hundred and One Sunflowers

Another goal of mine this year, along side photographing in Lavender, was to photograph in a field of Sunflowers! Not only was this the first time photographing in Sunflowers, it was the first time photographing a Dalmatian! I was so excited to meet Vinnie and his owner for the shoot. Unfortunately it was a bit late in the season for these Sunflowers. Although I had seen a few local posts on facebook with beautiful, tall and bright Sunflowers, the field where I had arranged Vinnie's photoshoot looked a little sorry for themselves! In preperation I spent some time photographing the best Sunflowers in the field to photoshop into some of the images afterwards. I love photographing at this location because of the variety. I also photographed Vinnie amongst the other beautiful flowers in the garden.

Working with Vinnie was such a delight, he was a dream model. Like many of the dogs I've photographed recently, Vinnie is a rescue dog. I've loved hearing all the adoption stories and it's so, so lovely to see how happy these dogs are. Sometimes the owners have to put in many hours of training and I take my hat off to all those who do so much work so the dog can have a second chance at enjoying life!

Here are my favourite images, I hope you like them as much as I do!

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