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Winter is here!

Bruno the Boxer was my model during the first snowfall a couple weeks ago and I'm so excited to start sharing the images with you! It was the first time I got to organise a dog photoshoot in the snow and it's been years since I last photographed in the snow in general! I was sooo happy to layer up and put on my boots for a snow day. We did have another snow day this weekend but I decided to spend it with the family and even took Oliver out on his harness to experience the snow for the first time!

It was so cold that the canal we live next to froze over. It carried on snowing through out the day and created some really beautiful winter wonderland photos.

Bruno had a blast and although he is a young, bouncy boxer, he gave me some strong majestic poses.

Although I didn't find a snowflake to photograph, I'm so happy to be able to cross this photoshoot off my bucket list! Here's hoping for more snowy winters!

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