I'm Alex, a passionate photographer and a huge nature and animal lover. I have always been interested in the creative arts and developed my love for photography when I was 15. 


As a teen, my ambition was always to become a wildlife photographer, which is still something I'd love to do! But during my last year of University I worked on pet portrait projects. My love for photographing dogs, cats and other pets continued to grow from then on and I've never looked back!


I currently live in the Wiltshire countryside with my partner and our pets. We have two lively Bengal cats, Oliver and Noah, Terrence the Red Foot Tortoise, little Crestie gecko, Goma, and last but not least, Abe the Axolotl. 

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How it all began

I was born and grew up in the ever-growing city, Dubai. Although, it was a lot smaller back in the 90's! As much as I enjoyed my weekends spent at the beach, moving to the UK was something I'm really glad we did. We moved to Mid Wales when I was about to start secondary school and lived high up in the gorgeous, rolling green hills in a tiny village. I spent a lot of time outdoors discovering nature and the local wildlife. I felt right at home.


I've always enjoyed taking photographs, having an artist as a mother and a videographer as a father, I guess I was always going to discover photography one way or another.  After some compliments towards my phone snaps, I asked for a digital camera for my 16th birthday (Which delightfully I was given early due to my excitement) and I've never been without one since. I started off photographing flowers, bugs and the cats next door. It quickly became all I wanted to do in my spare time.


I decided to do Art and Design at college as I was interested in continuing art as well as photography. After a couple years, I knew photography was still my sole passion.  I chose to do a BA Photography course at a University in Cardiff.  I spent a lot of time completing projects in various genres but in my last year, I was able to focus on my love for animals. As I was currently living in a city, there wasn't much wildlife surrounding us! This made me turn towards domestic animals which soon narrowed to dogs. I have been loving my journey as a pet photographer ever since and I look forward to the adventures and waggy tails that come my way in the future.

Meet the team


Hey! I'm Edd. You'll meet me at your photoshoot too; I'll be the one carrying the bags. I call myself the Creative Director of AKR but usually, I just create a mess in the studio. All jokes aside, I love helping Alex set up and assist her on shoots to capture those special moments of your pets.


My name is Oliver, I'm a snow Bengal. I'm very vocal and I demand a lot of attention but, I'm super cute so I always get what I want.


Hello, I'm Terrence the 8 year old Red Foot Tortoise! I have my very own photo series called 'Tortoise Tales With Terrence' which you can find on mum's portfolio page!

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